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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ stages:
- release
PKG: "ncodeR"
PKGL: "ncoder"
REG_URL: "${CI_REGISTRY}/epistemic-analytics/qe-packages/ncoder"
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Type: Package
Author: Cody L Marquart [aut, cre] (<>), Zachari Swiecki [aut], Brendan Eagan [aut], David Williamson Shaffer [aut]
Authors@R: c(person("Cody L","Marquart", role = c("aut", "cre"), email="", comment = c(ORCID = "0000-0002-3387-6792")),person("Zachari","Swiecki", role = c("aut"), email=""),person("Brendan","Eagan", role = c("aut"), email=""),person("David", "Williamson Shaffer", role = c("aut"), email = ""))
Maintainer: Cody L Marquart <>
Description: A set of techniques that can be used to develop, validate, and implement automated classifiers. A powerful tool for transforming raw data into meaningful information, 'ncodeR' (Shaffer, D. W. (2017) Quantitative Ethnography. ISBN: 0578191687) is designed specifically for working with big data: large document collections, logfiles, and other text data.
LazyData: TRUE
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